Mandatory precautionary measures:

• The minimum physical distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained in everyday life, at the public surfaces, public institutions and other places of public gatherings, as well as the open surfaces

• Implementation of enhanced hygiene measures, both indoor and outdoor, personal hygiene and the use of disinfectants

• Wearing protective masks of employees in public institutions, shopping malls and catering facilities who are in contact with citizens

• It is obligatory for the clients of shopping centres and shops to wear the face medical masks and it is recommendable wearing the face medical masks on open markets

• Drivers, public transport employees and travellers are obliged to wear face medical masks while in the means of transport

• The special conditions regarding entrance to Republic of Croatia of the persons arriving from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia and North Macedonia:
- the persons from above mentioned countries are obliged to stay in self-isolation in their own homes or in other adequate space 14 days since the day of entrance to Republic of Croatia;
- the self-isolation is not obligatory for the travellers who enter Republic of Croatia transiting through the above mentioned countries.
For all other countries the current measures are valid.