After an active day on the sea or on the land, there can be nothing better than taste healthy, native, Mediterranean cuisine. The Istrian gastronomic basket is waiting for you.

Life by the sea, with inhabitants making their living from farming, fishing and tourism, brings about a cuisine featuring excellent fish specialties that can be tasted in numerous restaurants in the Poreč area.

Whether having a meal in the historical centre of the town, a konoba (tavern) in the town surroundings or in a hotel restaurant, every tourist should try Istrian cuisine. Apart from sea food, white or oily fish, scampi, mussels and shellfish, caught daily in the clean Adriatic Sea and brought directly into the hands of skilled cooks, you must try the Istrian brodet cooked with first class fish. As a starter the cod fish prepared as a spreadable paste made from dried cod fish mixed with extra virgin olive oil originating from Istrian olive groves and garlic.

An unavoidable part of the Istrian gastronomic offer is the Istrian pršut (dry-cured ham) which was awarded a designation of origin, a fact published in the Croatian Intellectual Property Gazette. Istrian pršut is produced without using nitrates or smoke and is therefore included among the healthiest products of this kind in the Mediterranean.

To make it brief, Istrian pršut is a status symbol of the Istrian cuisine and it simply must be tasted.

Apart from fish-based food, Istrian cuisine is also renowned for its dishes based on home-made pasta such as the popular fuži and njoki. Maybe the most famous specialty is the fuži with truffles – a traditional dish prepared by using the recipe of our grandmothers, with precious truffles, often with wild asparagus and pršut. One must never skip the healthy and exquisite Istrian maneštra (thick soup) prepared with smoked meat and fresh vegetables.

And then, after every meal, it is best to treat yourself to crispy hroštule (fried dough) and a glass of home made Malvasia or Teran. Wine can also be bought in numerous vineyards listed in the rich Istrian wine map. It will open your appetite and evoke nice memories once you have left this gastronomic oasis.

It must be said that the local gastronomic tradition is best sampled in numerous local traditional festivals. 

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