On the beautiful Istrian Peninsula, the destination of thousands of visitors who are searching for their perfect holidays and finding it in this part of the Adriatic, is the tourist pearl which has justified the title of the Champion of Tourism by its charm, beauty and variety on offer.

This thousand-year old town has justified its title of the Champion of Tourism with its charm, beauty and variety of offer for years now. The town was lit up by the "gold medal" for tourism by everyone who found a personal motif to visit Poreč in the multicoloured palette of attractions. But once they did arrive, they have been returning faithfully to it, exploring new opportunities of entertainment, recreation and cultural entertainment.

The ancient Roman streets, where in the summer bustle, lovers of good Mediterranean food, lovers of good music try to decide which concert to go to tonight, swimmers stopping on their way home from beautiful beaches or athletes coming from sports grounds where they enjoyed recreational activities and are now in search of a refreshing drink meet. Sightseers find rest in numerous coffee bars after spending a day visiting historical attractions such as mosaics in the Euphrasian Basilica or geological attractions such as the Baredine Cave. All of them have found in Poreč their magic corner to rest, enjoy and spend their free time. Their compliments justify the superlatives associated with Poreč more than anything else.

Located on the western coast of Istria, Poreč has a mild climate with most of the days sunny all year round. Its coast is indented by clean beaches surrounded by large wooded areas perfect for a rewarding holiday. Poreč will provide a pleasurable holiday not only to a person desiring sunbathing next to the sea or reading a newspaper in the shade, but also to an adventurer ready to explore the well prepared cycling paths of Poreč or a team wanting to compete in carting, paintball, football, volley ball or water sports.

If we add to sports and entertainment the enchantment of the turbulent history that can be seen in every pore of the houses, streets and squares in the town centre, the holidays acquire new dimensions and vast opportunities to spend days and nights are in front of you.